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- DEPARTMENT OF CHE]VTI STRY In the isolation procedure, most of the excess acetic acid and the unreacted isopentyl alcohol can be removed by extraction with water. Any remaining acid is removed by extraction with aqueous sod'irrm hicarhonate OTaHCC)r). The isopentyl acetate is then dried using sodium acetate. Set-up: The set-up for the experiment will be displayed in the lab, so no worries, the lab instructor will walk you through its assembly at the beginning of the lab. The set-up consists of a 5 mL conical vial, a magnetic spinvane, a reflux condenser, and a drying tube. Once put together, the set-up should be secured to a ring stand with a clamp. Experimental: Iqa 5 mL conical vial equipped with a spinvane, of )opentyl alcohol (already pre-weighed), foll After the reflux is completed allow the reaction to gool down, then remove the spinvane and add 2 mL of water. Stopper the conicaly)il, and shake it well. AA shaking
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Unformatted text preview: in this experiment is to be done .ith @. Allow the mixture to settle and the layers to separate (be patient!), and then uy2a*qpette to;emqyqihe boffom layer (qqueous layer). This procedure is called-{wash.\ fad 1 -iffiqueous soOirrm bicarbonate solution 1tq O3) to the mixture then, using a spatula, stir the reaction mixture gently until it stops bubbling. Cap the vial and shake it well, with ventilation. Again allow the mixture to settle and remove the bottom layer (aqueous layer). Repeat the wash with aqueous sodium bicarbonate solution two more times, but without any stirring; just add the sodiurn b[gglbonate, cap and shake the mixture. [email protected] a vral, capped, labeled and handed td the TA for storing. The product will be purified by distillation during the next lab period. lmL SI\{O\ i'RASI:R lJ\IVIRSIIY THINKING 0F WOR LO...
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