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DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY Visualization: Examine the plate under the UV lamp and mark the spots with a pencil. Identification based on Rr values: Develop the bigger plate using fresh solvent, mark the spots and calculate the Rr values (retention factor-sample calculation is shown below) of each spot including thaVthose of the unknown. Identiff the unknown either as a single compound or as a mixture of two compounds by comparing the
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Unformatted text preview: with those of the standards and their Rr values. Complete the report sheet and hand in it at the end of the lab. Rr calculation: The retention factor, or Rs, is defined as the distance traveled by the compound (from spotting line to center of spot) (a) divided by the distance traveled by the solvent (b). Solvent Front Spotting Line \--.-_\---' , \I\1O I'R;\SliR UNMIISIIY THINKING 0F THE w0RL0...
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