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DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY Organic Chemistry Laboratory I & II Organic Chemistry Laboratory Guidelines General Information: Each student is required to keep a bound laboratory notebook that will be collected and graded at the end of the semester. Each experiment should be recorded in your notebook. You are responsible for entering details and calculations pertaining to each entry prior to the date of the experiment (part of pre-lab preparation) as well is during the experiment. The final calculations and conclusions will be drawn when the lab period is completed. The notebook should be both concise and complete: unnecessary information will just make it confusing.
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Unformatted text preview: Bejbre Lab: Advance preparation is very important in organic chemistry for the prevention of accidents and to promote understanding of the experiment. Be aware of potential chemical hazards that you may encounter as outlined in the experiment and ftose noted by the instructor. Failure to prepare the notebook will result in point deductions for that experiment, as your TA will be checking it at the beginning of each lab. Students will not be allowed to work in the laboratory without a property prepared notebook. Each notebook entry must contain all the following sections (in the ordcr shown): SlMON I'RASEN UNIVIRSI1Y THINKING OF THE WORLD...
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