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DEPARTI\{ENT OF CHEMlSTRY Example: table of physical constants liquids) (Provide only the m.p. for solids and b.p. for I I Compound Cvclohexanol Formula i M.W. C6H12O : 100.2 i, i m.p. ("C) i b.p.("C) i !ri I'-'-"-"-'-"- -'-'-"1-' -'-'- -"-'-. -'-"-i ii161 i tii -.. - - - -..-. - -.. -. -F Density i --'-'---'-'--"-"-"-----i 0.96 i -_--..--.-----.-----.-f 0.97 i I -.,----_,_-._.__-._.._..--t 1.049 Cyclohexanone NaOCI C6H roo ; 98. I ljl57i li, j - - - - - - -.-..- ! - - - - - - -.- -i lii iii ii r- - - -'- - - -"-.i-..- -..- - - - - -l i t7 i 118 i ri NaOCI i 74.4 HOAc c:H+or 60. l 5. Procedure: write a concise version of the experimental procedure in your lab notebook. Do not cop!' from the tert or handout! Include schemes of any apparatus that is being used lor the first time.
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Unformatted text preview: Dunng the experiment: write down any relevant obsen-ations (color change, appearanceidisappearance of solid, etc.) that you make and anv chanses to the given procedure. 6. Results: record all results directly in the notebook in that you prepared before lab. Leave blank space to record the actual yieid (in grams or yield of the desired product. CLEARLy show how yield. Staple or tape unl:!. .t* o{!9_phe that you obtain. this section. If a second spectrum is needed for your lab that you will attach to the lab report to be handed out. tables or on labeled blanks milligrams) and the percenr you calculated the percent to your notebook as part of report, make a second copy Ii.1 il.,lt{lN6 0F Tti F wtFtn...
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