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DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY Organic Chemistry Laboratory I & II Spectra labeling Labeling an lR spectrum: Start by drawing the structure of your compound on your spectrum. Identi$r quickly all the functional groups present, and with the help of the IR table assign the important bands present in your spectrum. While . labeling your spectrum terms such as stretch and bend must appear clearly as shown on the attached spectrum. Failing to label the bands properly will result in the loss of points. Labeling an NMR spectrum: Start by drawing the
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Unformatted text preview: strucfure of your compound on your spectrum, and assign a letter to each proton or group of equivalent protons within the molecule. While assigning the signals or peaks make sure that the following information is clearly written:- Identification letter assigned- Shape of the peak (singlet, doublet, triplet etc. ..)- The integration (number of equivalent hydrogen: lH, 2H,3H, etc. ..) For a better idea please refer to the attached spectrum. SIIIOJIi IIIA5I]I.I UNI\iTI{SIT}: THINKING OF THE WORLD...
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