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o€r zel (D Conplete the following Bayer-Villiger oxidations: Ph(c=o)02H UOYO, Tutorial $urlhArin 1) lt g, Et2O 2) Ph-CHO g) ruo- 1) PPh3 (Yubq( * pu4 \/ ar ,{\r'*-)pr -Lr+2 -cH "oYl Ph + 1r',-,(o-0,-1 -i pe f;'Y'\ nfj- Ph(c=o)ooH n?n t AHehydes that have no a-hydrogen undergo an intermolecular oxidation- f\)/ reduction called the Cannizzaro reaction when they are treated with I concentrated base. An example is the following reaction of -.d benzaldehyde: 2 Ph-CHO + NaOH > Ph-CHzOH + Ph-COONa f.-., When the reaction is carried out in DzO, the benzyl alcohol contains no o * \o )^"r\,,b ) :F . re r -t$fideuterium b ,/tnq'f.Sfi 'P-b)deuterium
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Unformatted text preview: ggrrnd{o carbon, only Ph-CHzOD. Proqgggir mechanism for 4"fr{tr{':?i"-^U"L9ti,x,1," ii, Aeph - fu-- E' oA4"' "'l l c o $?lg:gy_.lg: y,?y, :X?:t when yciu rreat acef,pfleniHf,*,,n tofr-* ^ -[- a) Hydroxylamina(NH2OH) a) r*^'n i) ,f->/\ ()1 - b) Phenylhydrazine (PhNH-NH2) \/ wt \7 c) Hydrogen cyanide (HCN, on NoL d) Ethylamine (EINH2) c) ^A d,1 On Draw a detailed mechanism for a)- \/ cN @ Dr. Uwe Kreis, SRJ Ph(c=o)ooH @ Show the reaction of Benzylcftlorftle with 1) Magnesium + benzaldehyde and 2) Triphenylpttosphine / butffhium base and Acrolein 2) BuLi 3) H2C=CH-CHO...
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