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I e) rank the following compounds from lowest to highest boiling point. (2 marks) ,/-\.a'' A ./'\-aoH ./-\/cl .zt-'-.2 lowestboiling D . B . O . A highestboiling I f) circle the molecule bdlow with the largest H-C-H bond angle. (2 marks) H3 CH+ 2. Provide an IUPAG narne and chemical formula
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Unformatted text preview: for each of the following molecules (4 marks each). ,6-\ q3) o C l1S,4s, 6L)-7-rrtLJ"- q -kw$lu*tf trnut+-t-n*h( J GhemicarFormura: arWA 0*t*g-7 - kd,nx4 -3-norte'ni-L * l- ,4Lbhoygaan-a chemicar Formura: ( rH10 f, h40n Y \ ,8....
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