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Tutorial #7 CHEM 282. TUTORIAL #7 Objective for this Tutorial: Chemistry of Carbonyl compounds and Carboxylic acid & derivatives Using Reformatsky methodology explain the synthesis of the following compound. Show the initially formed Zn-organic compound. o ^-\ot fl Ao* and ,.-\,,/^\-,r\OMe ,,"ning from: Br o ---A- Note: the Reformatsky reaction uses a-bromoesters and Znk to lonn a metal-organic reagent. This now reacts with an aldehyde or ketone to fqm the product- Think about why Zink would be used instead d ltagresfuml? O A) An*bs ae nedrerbsestnr d/ru1qgftg
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Unformatted text preview: anis. Pto*brt#n lc tE rrrcfi lower basfdy d anibs. t\*t! Nl^ B) Correspordingfiy, ar*tes are rrdr Stotiger acit. lltey harc C(r*Lh range of 14-16, whereas lor amfrres, pKa are 3$35. Whifi ffi'zlor-bh much greater acidlty? : @ What product would you expect to obtain from base (l{#il*T:rf,"- * i 1,6-cyclodecanedione? Explain ,n" *""xhqF ,/iltt+-"\Li P1"\-'lt: {'l t['x l,6-cycrodecanedionery +ilar{ ffil !r*i=*c V \/- - H €* q /^V i ( :i)=? <)- :,1iX_, " VlPt d) ./t-I\ ' @ Dr. Uwe Kreis, sFU WT t\ \-/ ,\o h,=,,,, o& ffi =W^d...
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