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sp2 orbitals and bonding lo 2 sp q,. o,tr t:(-1. a-9 / \J'a *.7 {a,: / b,,ff '\t 120" lone pair bonding .:,cctrons electrons lt/// IIIr lone pair bonding electrons electrons ]tl + +++ Lone pair elect.", []1,*. up more spacc than bonding electrons [ . J -- ,ft.*i"re. the h1'drogens in ammonia and
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Unformatted text preview: water are forced closer together. n-orbitals 12 11 )r SP,O H t",\ I H '., C-C--H \ \/\ t\. . C-C ". A ".. 3 / \ \ ., sp' .C',H".2 // C''SP /\ '.-n".sP ta 'sp ammonra ?T--Orbital 7r-orbital...
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