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F ,1 CHEM 282 Tutorial #7 o The structure of the sex pheronure (atfactant) of the female tsetse fly has been confirmed by the following syntlresb. Compound 3 appears to be id.entical to the natural pheromone in a]| iespecfs Sndrding the response of the male tsetse lly). Provide structures lor 1,2, and 3' 1) 2 PhrP | 1c*H*e.y
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Unformatted text preview: B"g+ ilr)r ( fr v'' l,*. .ff,t15.;:"rn t 2 (qslLJ BrCHr(CH r)rCHrBr TA'vhr, 2) 2 BUU H2, Pt 3 (cssHzd ,r*r.I , kw--/rD--9e, ttu o tt/ ln*r I ne* a, @ complete the folowing [email protected] forsynthese*nd r**d*s: txn ft41' : ftr JKA""'$[ff'-; {* kfl .t,k*, [-i],*,.'r1,*"f 1""",', *-)f, @ Dr. Uwe Kreis, SFU Pg-2-...
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