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ill:illltliiilirlllLliiliiililliliillllillllllillilliiflillilliillillill 3. There is some confusion regarding nomenclature of amines. We only covered simple amines where there were no branches in the alkane chain - with this in mind, the nomenclature we discussed in class (ending "yl amine") is what you should follow-
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Unformatted text preview: See below for examples.-a^-\r,'lrrrHz butylamine butyldimethylamine H"{r'J* hw'd6 Alol^rlt E-$w Pcw fttdr$,u (wbvxgbic F-PMY9 t p*r-u b,+,rrA il- Chln{a I V' Vv",w I V 'Xot, J f/l' fd" )--' gtno" *f'UL 6,,fifL" ohr\L" )o"L" .. fuAo,o _>bry,, W.0" .0" ailol-q'ow "-f4" . e,, - " O)C Ailo( "...
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