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,i i ri ji il$"" 6' under the E2 conditions below, one major product is formed in the following reaction of molecule F. ' ' Oa NarccH3 diethylether (solvent) 9> a) draw the product in the space provided above. (3 marks) b) draw a mechanism for this reaction. lnclude Newman projections where applicable. (5 marks) Br c%
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Unformatted text preview: 6,nU ?a--_-_--> c) how would you increase the rate of this reaction (five words or less)? (1 mark) t NP 8^t J'i d) draw a diastereomer of molecule F. (2 marks) 1 e) if the diastereomer-drawn for part d)_was subjected to the same reaction conditions, what woutd the product be? (S markJi ---sk I a-Y...
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