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tr t. \r\rtt.rtltt-f lllg r(,llowlng provides a single product. reacuon ot molecule G. Note: this reaction (Ee Na OC(CH3)3 diethylether (solvent) data for product [c] e = + {g (measured in CHCI3) bp = 120 oC G r^ I I a) please draw both possible chair confornations for the starting material g*1i1j:1" (pY. nrongr choice of a_rrows) where the equitibrium wi1 tie between these chair conformations. .Also inciicate (in s *oid" oii"""l what dgstabilizintrinteraclion,e eyief in lrrrtlr nha.'- aa-r^---4:^- ^,. exist in both chair conformations. (5 marks)
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Unformatted text preview: ir"/ ,-tvrt+tj \ \ b) circle the chair drawn for part a) that is in the correct conformation to ' react' what is the product of tiis reaction? (3 marks) 9f it r gram of the arkene product from part b) was oi""oru"JLil ;; J:*' cHcl3 (chloroform) and placed in a sampie tube 'ucn' i;6,-*i"iriulf,ti" observed rotation be? (2 marks) t'<lp = Lxc o< d) if molecule G was subjected to El reaction conditions, and no rearranqement occurred, what would the [']e of the product aez(zm-arks) ryr'O 10 +40 (tN ytuY)...
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