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Unformatted text preview: i rl ir..r illll l..llil.llllii-1tu,-,, , .:rylllllLllllllllllllllllllllllllillln|ll Il"l.urg:r the group attached to the cyclohexane, the more it wants to be situated in an equatorial position on the ring to minimize 1,3-diaxial/gauche interactions. R-\A /--^----'--/ AA I E equatorial R group axial R group Ratio E:A R=H R=CHe 7t t?-ry Wr, e R = CH2CH3 R = CH(CH3)2 R = C(CH3)3 R=F R=D Cl R=Br 1:1 18:1 21:1 35:1 4800:1 R=l ir S*ottrer { lvl;ck 4.5:1 +^wt ne!'|rt oH/ Kzt I ti l-f E;.^L br/bf4 I' t-38 I t7z I t?v .t Iou 2.2:1 2.2:1 R=OH cU siz-e 1.5:1 2.4:1 LArJt- -t/,0*, /wL'ou tu/MY _ N /<Z 04 F 6 ytre(-.ny' 1 ...
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