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IMG_NEW_0009_001 - spectrum of the chiral product(2 marks e...

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IHF ::::i;tiffii:! ::l:l:i 8. Gonsider products. ct the following reaction, which produces a 1:1 mixture of -L--.= Hcl > a) in the space provided above, draw the structures of the two products formed in this reaction. (4 marks) b) what is the relationship between these compounds (one word)? (1 mark) c) circle the chiral product. (1 mark) d) how many signals would you expect in the
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Unformatted text preview: spectrum of the chiral product? (2 marks) e) if the [a]e for the mixture of products is -50, what is the [cr]p , _ of the product that you circled in part c) above? (1 r;;i- 1-r" -[ 'J 9. ln the box above each reaction arrow below, please fill in the reagents that would be required to effect the desired transformation. (2 marks for each box)...
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