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, , :::i;:l*gq{t : It*T 10. Please draw the major organic products from the following reaction sequences. /Vofe.' you need only draw one enantiomer where a racemic mixture is produced. (4 niarks each) a) 1. HBr ............. ------- ee (^2)rua ocHt -ovso o -_) a <) b) 1. BH3, THF 2.H2O2, H2O, NaOH d,, trs C[* c) 3. TsCl, pyridine 4. NaBr THF = tetrahydrofuran (a polar aprotic solvent) TsCl = toulenesulfonyl chloride [email protected] 1. CH3 Li
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Unformatted text preview: H 2. /Y' 3. Lindlar's catalyst, H2 ZS ,'O-t4 ,^.,,a?t 4 .t\/+t\r' t6) v\J a)--f.'-:\--\ 11. Please provide a reasonable g1!g, of conditions (each transformation requires more than one step) to effect the following transformations. (4 marks each) ,)M ')W,vL'c,^P"c4 >) *U , 4io[,rw 4 wwr 4 HPN 3)W ( erl ) b) *)<w [email protected]' a/-' DMSO = dimethyl sulfoxide (a polar aprotic solvent) t4...
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