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approximate frequency of lR Signat functional group 3650-3200 cm-1 3300-2500 cm-1 3500-3300 cm-1 3350-3250 cm-1 3200-2800 cm-1 2260-2220 cm'1 2260-2100 cm-1 1760 cm-1 1740 cm'1 1715 cm-1 1700 cm-1 1680-1600 cm-1 1600 cm-1 1250 -1050 cmr o_H N_H c_H c_H c:N o-c o_==_q_ o-c O-C (alcohot) (carboxytic acid) (alkyne) (alkane) (carboxylic acid) l"o1) (ketone) (aldehyde) Arurp *$ [email protected]€€.) l bffi72dl* .- . -_-'. .-.'--.*. .; Gra{rp rn v c_o rr"* v* * il2lrr*-_l + 9.hft.rM ^*-::Fc ji ffi Effiicd$ffi+ii< I *ffiffi ro Periodic Table of the Elements 'TEY iiZlrr*-_l+ s.rdcibscr "r'* I -6 -ll R**ffiffidtu Th._tmt.lbE & qrls [r.rffi d.r*c nl,tts e6 lS ? li I 8s ,o 8 ^.llEtrffi+lli I eeffihffi Effiicd$ffi+ir'< ffiffi** : Group 3 4 5 7 s t3 18 t3 t4 t3 17 3 ,* ,H. 0 F , ,}le 3 Ha t $tn il It "si
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Unformatted text preview: P $ ,rcl; nrf a r rg Ca tg $e t! Ti a u ?.. " 0r $,. . Mn !,* lFe 2t es ry. ." ,ili Cu {... 7n r 3iQ gd t." .. " Ga n 8e a As $e, ta Bri 6 l(r F 5 nh n $r tr Y B 2r t0 Jb plo Tcj ry.". .. !r nh E &.rtt.t pd E Ao qet* Jrt ln t, ,$n 8b: it T8: e lir F ,xg 6 oGs .8a La rt 4S&t HI a nTa ,,W $e lls It-ir i [",., l, n" I Ho' ur TI tt P[ n 8i B ,*Po *lt Bn F 7 Fr n pa lc p rF.4&i nt aa pb $o 16? gh tyt ,f,ts ,$l Usn ,lluu Unb n2 ,lluq 8* nt *Pl Hd I ,frn Sm' E uEl ed r Tb 5 "oY lls n Er Jm YI n Lu rt T[ I ?a n U Jp; ,nPu lm; F $m B* $t 9a "E$ Fn ,9, tsd r!t Ito t!2 Lr 6 ef.$e' 1i{tl5 * pl}ad k&:{:ili}Ai-&} t6 &h*!T& k E& gl&,{x€urtt...
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