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Tutorial Problem Set' No' 6 l.Eventhoughthetwotechniquesrely.onthesameprinciples,MRl(magnettc r.esonance imaging) #;;;;;Jtro.rr.t ota term while most people have never heard of NMR' Can you pf"*" O"StttUe (in lay terms) how MRI works? 2. Based on the molecular formula and tH NMR and IR spectra provided' please assignastructure,"."*p"'"dsa.d.Note:redlinesinNMRspectraareintegratron.
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Unformatted text preview: Chem 281 a) C+HroO 31S 13 3o3a 12 29a1 4 2S40 31 'ts15 14 2561 ?9 2 t86 96 t6l0 1605 150 I l{t r t38l r 365 l2.lq ?1 58 t6 20 t5 21 t? 64 It 5S EE 68 t20z toz2 3r3 119 6q3 d4a 643 5l) 111 8t 1'J 1.95 (s) 1 H 1.20 (s) 9II vHl W-.,- c*lt ba...
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