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IMG_NEW_0017_003 - 3^\2 o-tooo No compound X has thc rn,^ n...

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\[r'-lv/ Y"tt't 162 6' @ :trruiltit':'i:;i},lrf$f'lffiili#j* rT,"""*' . 'o rb,? ^. l ,O ,DY a" "l:ryheory W+> *ffi*- o.r$o, ic t, ::il% &.r, lZgnxtt $/JL ( ilo) -' ^=lf- ,' Ild X
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Unformatted text preview: 3^--- \2 o''-tooo No, ) -) @ compound X has thc rn,-,,,^ n r \-7 u' -)pro r:ff iil:;Hff rr?1"{"':ffi !'t15"'i:d:#.iffi {l+lllr,{,t8," : a'y at 12.5ppm...
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