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IMG_0002_NEW_0029 - :iJ it:V/o tt*iia€ g€ El SE-AF?ari...

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z (D 0q 89 (D tD 0a 0a (D (D (D X E (D o a (D (D O O o O SfEEg^deP e -<: iE-tsi +r3F:€Eg 9E{ zEE xp giErFs;a o = =1 t cd @ xt €4d = *d GO EE 88 o o Fffi ?th hjl *\v N* $ ru\ lWi, i rtgTN:T e @ iffi"; :N: ft$3 EE FP, Xc q3E 60 .i1I c -:11 ::l- :i :t \.:l *cl
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Unformatted text preview: \ !:iJ\ ' it:V;/o* tt*iia€ g€: El SE-AF?ari io$*18 oo=a H lars a e gs 6? r + Fa D = Y'6 3<= 2.qB <=d o5a ;'a oxt eE-d. EX exr. 60'v X+g o'o3 6 eEq oh...
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