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IMG_0004_NEW_0022 - a Abrld Tk Abs"tb Pinnt...

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t- I i I I l: t I -hdnco4,ky1 -t^4U L -tlfu *W a&trd ) cAJ"rqlllL aa;vaUol +n a'n errz'&d 5A+2/ @1 4rrt"-t|'dep>rr/' , ol,"oyrs tn& +o nnr,,^/ sffi.e 6ryry F)()4'^c,yt tf i;cant Vo*>dyu I lik I /\ J- 3. .ffiw( C furyMtf,6r I\ >Ar- I A Ferntayln U ufrpP* 1-v*of +r4+ -+ NADPTI + tf VaMtton X,' / I ?st Pigryt yan+ux N-}ot 0.v. vilaoiarr " (gaaothn\olr" S{s#sat
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Unformatted text preview: a- Abrld Tk Abs"tb Pinnt anu& 'W\wwrt^mL \ tawd"vt e bwy(nx \ [email protected] @j;'1 ht' \ p I,hrr.oplrytl oxL, -> ebq.rt rztetxol il rv , J L c/ V UW ,jpt/^,rud <- prirT4 o|ecarem a//otlt/6r [ia{ "t 1oo n,q wowo/e"qfh t{pr-fql t PToo ' 00t, N bhon,n cvetrl " P69ou" i" )hr Pbtu),1*o n Lllool h{,u...
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