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1 running, flYing' 2. The functional unit of the muscle is the and it contracts by the'diding filament 2.Thefunctionalunitofthemuscleisthe.sarcgrnereanqlfg('llL|Clr,LJv'31'v.- model ' "'-'---- ry No matter what type of muscre, it is the interactions between fovosin)nftrcti/-which underlie muscle wMeu fuartw contractions. Muscre contraction reduces the rength of the sarcomere and is exprained by the s'ding firament model' Muscre contraction reduces the rength of the sarcomere where thick and thin f'aments do not change ;* ;;ide past each other' increasing their degree of overlap' The binding of the myosin head is to myosin binding sites on the actin f'ament. These binding sites on actinarenot"*po,"J,;;",lowCa2'concentrations.Theproteinffi"blocksthebindingsites. rne(troponi)complex (more proteins) can cause a change in the structure
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Unformatted text preview: of tropomyosln' ifiF&g 1L +',a crr 'n to revealmyosin binding sites' Troponin binds Ca- which changes the structure of tropomyost Therefore, Caz* controls how much contraction occurs' The neuromuscurar junction is where a signal is sent to the muscle' The signar moves over the muscre fiber through r-tubures so that the sarcomeres at contract at the same time' The signar sent causes a rerease of caz* from the sarcopri'qn]lg rellEjggL This carcium initiates muscle contraction. Uptake of Ca2* stops the contraction' M/f9$ 3. There are basicallgthree types of muscle 1) Skeletal muscle: bundles of long fibers running the length of the muscle; appears striated because the actin and mysin filaments are regularly .rr.y"d in a cell; skeletal muscles contract when stimulated bY motor neurons ir-na .!/ l...
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