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Unformatted text preview: T 2)Cardiacmuscle:foundintheheartl,.,'Y,,ojtlessthanskeletal;cellsarebranchedandthereare disks iu*,on, lullLLrvr'' 3 intercalated between cells containing *--- rv' uscre s : ro u nd m a i n ) smooth m " tl " Y-1' : I : :::f::::;.ifi'n:",ffi iliil;ff': [:1: -,9*1/) :::T"":..H:lH'.:}::'}iillilil'avelike,contraction'",ffiwhichisusedtomove things through tubes' Other adaPtations: state of contraction clam shells closed; long Eg. muscles hotding it is potentiars need to trigger it' therefore contraction, ie no action independent Eg. insect flight muscre: which are needed to fly! very fast contractions communication and like batteries for radar and eels and knife fishes; act Eg. Electrolytes in electric energY discharge, Eg.heatgenerationineyemusclesCa2+release;nofilamentsforcontractionandCa2+inpumpedout andbackin;afutilecyclehydrolyzingATPintoheat. Focus on Botulinum toxin of botulinum toxin Botulism results from invasion Ctostridium botulinum produced by the bacteria Botulinum toxins are substances known These are the most toxic Siteoftoxicactionistheneuromuscularsynapses.nervetomusclejunction Synapse at neuromuscular junction --pic fusion proteins and inhibits vesicle toxin binds to the SNARE Botulinum ...
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