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Competitive exclusion principle restated. .. Two species cannot coexist in a community if they share an identical niche BUT. .. lf competitive exclusion principle is true, then how do species coexist in nature? Resource partitioning . x,Fn o Fundamental Niche = niche that could potentially be occupied by a species o Realized Niche = the proportion of the fundamental niche that the species actually occupies o The realized niche of each species of warbler is much smaller than their fundamental niche due tp competition for limited food resources.
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Unformatted text preview: Predation & herbivory (+/-) o Eating of live prey Effects of predation o Availability of prey is a major determinant of k of predators o Selective predation can alter population structure or life histories of prey Predator Adaptation sl Prey Adaptations uimicrv #tp Batesian mimicry: oGtTGlr palatable mimic species resembles aqmfgrytr gnpalatable one. _____-_-_ 6u Mullerian mimicry: Two or more unpalatable species resemble each other...
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