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IMG_NEW_0020 - Food web o Feeding relationships include...

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17. Ecosystem Ecolory Ecosystems All organisms living in a community as well as allthe abiotic factors with which they interact Ecosystem ecology emphasizes questions about energy flow and nutrient cycling Food chains Primary producers Harvest energy (from non-living sources)to produce organic molecules Photoautotrophs Chemoatrtotrophs o Consumers - Consume and transform organic molecules - Heterotrophs
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Unformatted text preview: Food web o Feeding relationships include:- herbivory- predation- parasitism o How does energy move through a food web? Energy o First law of thermodynamics:- Energy cannot be created or destroyed but only transferred or transformed . Energy flows through an ecosystem- Enters as light ln special cases, it enters as inorganic chemicals (e.9., HzS, hydrothermalvents) L--.--...
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