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tubo pwyn+,nn y #( f"0| wJV wL 4 u'K- cP{L * ffirt, What is the Production efficiencY? = 33f Kloo/" Trophic efficiency We? p*at*t;'n eI fhtW/- tur;1 rp #apwia5, I ws( Trophic efficiency is lower than production efficiency 'J ) I ry) Nutrient (relcYcling 1- C2rrtl,va 4\ @wQ + Nutrient cycling <-> fl\,* l Biogeochejmical cYcles Global scale C 02 S N Localscale P K Ca plqt Nutrients as limiting factors o When temperature and moisture are conducive,
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Unformatted text preview: production is limited by nutrients o Limiting nutrient: the nutrient that must be added for production to increase o N and P are the most common limiting nutrients Nitrogen cycle o [email protected]"[email protected] o N takes several forms:- Molecular (Nz)- Ammonium* (NH4*)- Nitrate* (NOg-)- Nitrite (NOt)- Organic* (e.g., amino acids) * usable by plants Y ta% AXi*itat;n f finry +67J ) ^J ^J A,29 ,vbrt. t% ,l a...
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