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IMG_NEW_0023 - Fish kills Drinking water contarpination...

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- Algae produce 02, but also use it up in respiration - Decomposers/zooplankton increase as they feed on algae - These organisms use up the avaitable 02 o Anoxic conditions can lead to fish death aa Human lmpbcts on nutrient cycles ( . Atmospheric nitrous oxide \ ( . Acid rain (nitric acid) I \ . Catalyze breakdown of 03 {: Mixed effects on PP I Reduction in spp diversity Eutrophication Algal blooms
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Unformatted text preview: Fish kills . Drinking water contarpination o*-Ecological lmpacts of Oil Spills Physical Shoreline tmpaets o Rate of oil d "tt#fff". va ries with environ menta I conditions ' il'".r:ilir*ovr$bd in areas protected from disturbance, oxvgenation, and Oil Toxictty to Fish o Short Term: leads to death at hydrocarbon concentration in parts per million Long Term:...
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