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Unformatted text preview: - -ExposureglembrvglFo hydrocggon concentrations gf parts per billion results in reduced growth.Jeformitie< ^nd [email protected] resulting in increased mortality and reduced reproduction. + Oil Toxicity to Seabirds and Marine Mammals o Short Term: - Soating of feathers ruW . .t frt in oil results in high mortalit y due to_[ypo'glgmia. /,4&dro** g, gq::I-tox s i i tr Long Term: -. Seduced populatio d individual health due to(hronic toxic foraging in oilcontaminated a'eas. dist behaviours _ ff "*porrrlthrough diet, fOil lmpacts on CoastalCommunities o Short Term- tgrt "t pt""tt ."4 lnvertebrates due to toxic exposure or smothering. Long Term: +cth community ffiof interact"Wcan delay poputation recovery by Historical Record of Major Oil Spills - The effects of the Exxon Valdez oil spill can still be observed in Prince William Sound 20 years after the spill. BP Oil spill nearly 10x as big as Exxon Valdez. Eson Valdez Spill: Prince William Sound, Alaska (1989) o 42 million Litres o Effected 1990 Km of pristine shoreline Efus o of Enon Valdez Spill on Community lnteractions Loss of Fucus periwinkles and limpits ) algal blooms , ...
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