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.LossofFucus,mussels,balanoidbarnaclesandpredatorygastropods) barnacle PoPulation exPlosion BP Oil SPill: Gulf of Mexico' o Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion April 20th c 325-640 million litres and counting o CurrentlY covers 38 000 square Km Contaminated feeding sites will lead to high mortality rates I ' rthegulf At risk species of blue fin tuna spawn ln Theirpreferredspawningsiteistheexactlocationofthespill Declinesofupto80%hadbeenreportedpriortothiscatastrophe Manatees, Bottlenose Dolphins and Sperm Whales
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Unformatted text preview: All must surface to breath, risk exposure to floating oil Bivalves and corals will not be able to escape the toxic oil o Sea turtle nest sites may be contaminated Turtle Rescue Efforts chthamaloid Hatchlingswillswimdirectlyintotheoilslickleadingtocertaindeath us Fish and wirdrife service, Nationar Marine Fisheries service and the state of Frorida plan to relocate 700-8oo clutches of turtle eggs from Alabama and northwest Florida beaches Sandhill cranes over winter on the gulf coast...
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