CS_6233 - Syllabus of CS 6233 CS6233 (Graduate) Operating...

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Syllabus of CS 6233 CS6233 (Graduate) Operating Systems I Professor: Joel Wein Email: wein@poly.edu Professional Website: http://pdc-amd01.poly.edu/~wein Professor’s Background/Orientation : He has been a Professor in the Department of Computer Science at NYU-Poly since 1991. His training is as a theoretician (He received his PhD from MIT in theoretical computer science) and he has spent a great deal of time thinking about models for scheduling and resource allocation in operating systems making these systems perform more efficiently. His research in this area has been supported by multiple grants from the National Science Foundation and led to numerous publications. In addition, over the last ten+ years he has had a close affiliation with Akamai Technologies , Akamai operates a 50,000+ node distributed network that serves close to 20% of the internet’ s content. He is currently a (part- time) Engineering Fellow there, and previously managed multiple engineering efforts related to security infrastructure, multimedia delivery and communications infrastructure. This combination of academic, theoretical and practical experience enables him to bring a somewhat unique perspective to the study of modern systems. Course description Course Overview: This is a graduate-level course that covers an introduction to operating systems. It is geared at graduate students who have not had a good undergraduate course that covers the principles of operating systems. This material is critical for understanding anything about what is really going on in your desktop, your laptop, or in your data center. While it covers material that often finds its place in undergraduate curricula, we will be supplementing that material with some more recent results from the systems literature, and at times we will
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jump into the LINUX codebase to see what a real operating system looks like. In addition, there
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CS_6233 - Syllabus of CS 6233 CS6233 (Graduate) Operating...

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