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Daniel Dunlap America’s Diverse Cultures 4/19/11 Weekly Response: The Gay Land Rush This week’s Chapter 9 reading from, Queer Twin Cities , by Patrick Murphy, explains how the majority of the political and capital sectors, involved in the urban development of Minneapolis, used sexuality as a major tool for gentrification of the city after the demise of the well fare state. At the heart of the reading is Murphy’s analysis that the city allowed for the
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Unformatted text preview: classed sexual formations of the wealthier, and whiter, GLBT community, to become a solution to the cities problem of poverty that was being blamed on the sexual pathologies of poor people and people of color. Murphy further explains the problem was that focusing on the Gay Land Rush politics allowed for the city to ignore the politics of poverty, and at times, may have even increased the problem of poverty....
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