Response paper VIIII

Response paper VIIII - Daniel Dunlap 4/4/2011 Weekly...

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Daniel Dunlap 4/4/2011 Weekly Response: Impure Science This week’s reading from, “Impure Science,” by Steven Epstein discusses the emergence of a puzzling new disease, that would eventually become known as AIDS. Initially, the disease was associated with the gay “lifestyle,” which allowed for the medicalization of gay-male sexuality. This allowed, wrongly, for AIDS (which was known as GRID at the time) to do be put in a framework that focused on lifestyle and identity over sound epidemiological research. Implicit assumptions about the disease, which were derived at onset of the disease, did not start to change (not even in most homosexual communities) until various other populations throughout the world began to acquire similar disease patterns, and alternative causation theories of the disease began to appear frequently within the medical community. Eventually, causation would be proved through the use of standard scientific methods, such as Koch’s postulate. The way in which the medical community approached AIDS/HIV in the early nineteen-
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Response paper VIIII - Daniel Dunlap 4/4/2011 Weekly...

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