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response paper VII - Daniel Dunlap Americas Diverse...

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Daniel Dunlap America’s Diverse Cultures 3/22/11 Response to Sexuality in the Headlines and Skirting Boundaries The chapter 3 reading from, “Queer Twin Cities,” describes the formation of a large, single male working population in Minnesota, due to the economic boom created by natural resources, during the turn-of-the-century Twin Cities. This formation brought about a demonization of heterosexual hangouts, but openly praised homosociality, which calmed anxieties about homosexuality. The Chapter 7 readings explain how the Twin Cities had an atmosphere, in many establishments that served alcohol, which contained nonnormative gender performances which tested “limits.” This was partly due to the local government’s stance that you can’t close these establishments because of sexual deviance. The reading further explains many of these establishments, the social and legal sanctions associated with them, and the [non]enforcement of sumptuary laws. The issues discussed in this week’s readings are, in many ways, issues that the GLBT
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response paper VII - Daniel Dunlap Americas Diverse...

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