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Daniel Dunlap AMST 3113W 1/31/11 Early Minnesota History Response Paper The historical article, “Caleb D. Dorr and the Early Minnesota Lumber Industry,” by Rodney C. Loehr gives recognition to Caleb D. Dorr as an important lumberman, industrial entrepreneur, state developer, and educational benefactor in Minnesota. The majority of the article describes the early development of the lumber industry on the Mississippi River, Rum River, and St. Anthony Main and discusses some key developers such as Dorr, Steele, Godfrey, and Stanchfield. Loehr continues to point out how important the lumber industry was to the development of Minnesota, and the “Twin Cities.” He makes it apparent that Dorr was not out to benefit just himself, but also the state which he had come to call home, and spent his later days investigating real-estate development and being an educational philanthropist.
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Unformatted text preview: St. Anthony Main is a good example of development and a continued symbol of prosperity in Minnesota. In the 19 th and beginning of the 20 th the St. Anthony falls was seen as a symbol of economic prosperity, with the lumber, boom, and mill industry, bringing jobs and families to the area. Today the falls continue to stand as a symbol of prosperity, but with a different purpose, entertainment. The area now contains bars, fine dining, festivals, and up-scale condos and retail stores. The area is now not just a source and symbol for monetary capital, but also cultural capital, and the Twin Cities is proud of this historic district. I think Dorr who was a business man, but also a man who cared about his city and its people would be proud to see the area blossom into a cultural attraction, that was only possible because of its original attraction of capital....
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