Response paper II

Response paper II - Daniel Dunlap AMST 3113W 1/31/11...

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Unformatted text preview: Daniel Dunlap AMST 3113W 1/31/11 Comments on Roderick A. Fegusons: The Multiplications of Surplus Roderick A. Ferguson in, The Multiplications of Surplus: U.S. Racial Formations, Nonheteronormativity, and the Overdetermination of Political Economy, argues that capital is an amoral driving force in the proliferation of discourse. Since large capital accumulation in western-capitalist societies has created a need for additional labor, surplus populations from differing sociopolitical nation-states have disrupted the normative social hierarchies of race, gender, age, and sexuality. This disruption, through migration, has been born out of need for capital, but against the desired universality of the existing heteronormative, social, hierarchical nation-state where cheap, and as a result nonconforming, labor is in demand. Ferguson further asserts that we should approach non-normative surplus populations as sites of critique, that will allow us to challenge the idea that differing racial formations are threatening, and will allow...
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Response paper II - Daniel Dunlap AMST 3113W 1/31/11...

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