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Applied Climatology Term Paper Write a well-written research paper on a topic related to this course. The paper should be fairly free of writing and spelling errors and use proper footnoting style. Use one of the current styles, such as (Jones, 2000). You should also have a complete bibliography of sources at the end of your paper, with authors’ last names first in alphabetic order. See the textbook or recommended journals for examples. Some suggestions for topics: Climate and Transportation: How climatic data can be used to make transportation (air, water, ground) safer and more cost effective. Or, Aviation and Severe Weather-How to minimize the risks. Climate and Agriculture. Crop yield models; climate change and wheat (or corn or grapes); Creating a more favorable micro-climate for crops. Urban design/architecture to make cities more comfortable. Climate and Energy: Determining the best location for solar collectors; wind turbines;
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Unformatted text preview: hydroelectric dams. Air-sea interactions: what are the impacts of El Nino, La Nina, Pacific Decadal Oscillation, North Atlantic Oscillation, Arctic Oscillation on marine organisms; on floods and droughts; on coral reefs. Climate and Health. How do different climate affect the rates of diseases; how do they affect pathogens, vectors; how would climate change affect these? The use of biological or geological evidence to indicate climatic variability; tree rings, ice-cores, varves, pollen, fossils. Climate and sports-how climate has influenced the type of sports, the location of sports teams, the location of pro athletes. Climate and human behavior: climate and homicides (suicides); Santa Anas and crime. Climate and foods; climate and art; climate and music; climate and literature....
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