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G RADING CRITERIA FOR 1 ST TERM PAPER , PS 425 To assist you with your term paper writing, I have outlined the categories I will use to evaluate your term papers as well as the criteria I use to assign a letter grade. When grading your papers, I will be looking for: 1. Understanding of the problem/topic you have chosen to address 2. Thoroughness of your research (For the first paper, this includes the use of interviews with people at your organization, participant observation, attendance at staff meetings, and library materials such as back issues of local newspapers) 3. Analysis of the problem, including clarity and originality 4. The quality of your writing, including organization, clarity, grammar and usage and the effort you have shown in the revising process To assign a letter grade, I will use the following criteria. An “A” paper typically has all of the following virtues, although in exceptional cases a paper with only 5 of the following 6 might merit an “A.” 1. It has a well-defined thesis and a logical organization. 2. It shows good sense, intellectual honesty, and struggle. It attempts to defend a defensible thesis and takes seriously objections to that thesis. 3. It is well-informed. If there are passages in the assigned readings for the course that are under discussion in the paper, these are cited and discussed. The paper shows an awareness of conceptual distinctions and clarifications developed in the course.
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