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Preparing an Abstract

Preparing an Abstract - Preparing an Abstract For a Term...

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Preparing an Abstract For a Term Paper or Research Paper Professor Furner What is an abstract? An abstract is a proposal for a paper you want to write. It should help you as you develop your research topic and help your professor determine whether you have a good subject and adequate sources to write a successful paper. What does an abstract look like? An abstract should have the following parts, set up as shown. Course and date Your name Title of the Proposed Paper Statement of the Topic [Write a paragraph or two stating the subject, why you want to do it, and what makes it exciting, serious, and important to you. The idea here is to justify the paper and also to demonstrate that you have a specific, well focused subject. You should be able to “locate your subject, both in the context of surrounding events and in primary and secondary sources. ] Example : I am interested in race relations in the Gilded Age and I want to know why the
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