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term paper guidelines - Phil 237 Philosophy of Mind...

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Phil 237: Philosophy of Mind Guidelines for Collaboratively Written Term Paper On Tuesday, March 13th (the Tuesday after Spring Vacation), we will discuss and decide upon term paper topics. I will demonstrate how to access and use the Wiki software that will allow small groups to collaborate on writing the term papers. PLEASE ATTEND THIS CLASS!!!! Groups of 3-4 students will form to collaboratively write a paper of approximately 15 pages. Please follow the following timeline: By Thursday, March 15 1. Sign up for a Term Paper Group on Vista. 2. Access the Wiki for your group and introduce yourself so that you can get to know one another better. Instructions for accessing the Wiki can be found under the "Guidelines and Rubrics" link on our Vista homepage. 3. Review the grading rubrics for the collaborative term paper project. There are three rubrics, and all are available under the "Guidelines and Rubrics" link on our Vista homepage. I will use the Term Paper Rubric to evaluate the final paper. Each of you will evaluate each other using the Collaboration Rubric. The class will evaluate your paper presentation using the Presentation Rubric. The final grade for the paper will be based on these evaluations. I will lower the Term Paper Grade for any student whose collaboration is evaluated as poor by her Group members. The Term Paper project is worth 50% of your final grade for the course. By Thursday, March 22 Work together to do the following: 1. For the group: Using the private Vista discussion board for your group, decide how you will work together. Discuss your strengths. Who has a background in philosophy? In psychology? In biology? Who is a good writer? Who is good at organizing? Is anyone a Powerpoint whiz? Decide on one person who will be the Organizer for your group, and email the name of that person to me ([email protected]). Agree among yourselves that the Organizer has the responsibility to
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term paper guidelines - Phil 237 Philosophy of Mind...

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