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Term Paper in CHE 534

Term Paper in CHE 534 - 4 Process – bullet form for draft...

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Term Paper in CHE 534 A term paper will be required on the topics of “ Fuel Cells”” or “Chromate Conversion” unless you have a specific topic related to Corrosion that you would like to present. This term paper is mandatory. An outline of the report will be prepared by word processing on a computer. It will be submitted on March 26. OUTLINE is due March 26. It should have the following sections :- 1. Title – As short as possible 2. Summary Conclusions – in bullet from summarize your conclusions and make them interesting, for example:- Cathodic Protection would save $50 million per year. 3. Introduction - bullet form for draft – justify the process, for example, why is it done, what are the advantages etc. Introduce references here.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Process – bullet form for draft – explain the process that is the subject of the report, for example how does a fuel cell work. 5. Discussion – bullet form for draft – what is the effect of the process on industry, society etc. 6. Conclusions - bullet form for draft – will using a fuel cell solve any problems? The aim of the draft report is to ensure that you are proceeding in the right direction prior to submission of your final report. The outline will not be graded, but it will be reviewed and returned with comments. Use the facilities at hand. The library, course notes, corrosion books, journals, internet etc. FINAL TERM PAPER DUE APRIL 23 rd , 2009, TO ROOM 110 CRAWFORD HALL ....
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