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fte,wtsihl'r! t (iP;a Df 4r''^6 ) tt-ceue'" l){f-h -> A \-/ tl HcfrL-?- H t aro H laka c-n $ fltihbiw Md fu now st^'lde H^ , Hbt^, H1 AoH zxOH / W1n H,r'&- H-=t, Nq ^1F*,o tI t// tlva, ftU[ retou*: hr(' PwwiW ffi' 'f Mf? t' eh& </t't whw ry rxh ry*t o4." Aqt* irrrt'uu*ifu. ^tl- 4e --) pka uh ,_g Wricn R"{tJ Wtd,t'rrry fir*n lL^ -f , -1 4 Q >v 7f vol' ,,pfrj.a - rtv wul ,-Y lJ rtu c.g ',5'n- yw
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Unformatted text preview: il' 4 ^-!ir + sP (b"th O 1 ^w2 Lu,, t.tu?8 A ltr-"7\ l* lv 4t t fuT\ ktn) u'*t/ v'P " okv!/ v'g;fuu 4 yt"-ot^a ? (r, cHAlfLrgK: ( Curu,n rn eq/Ni{,[bn*,, is ,lr+sa,*be"\ , 971;b;u,," iu d ^fuW +" W hebllbo"4tL o',,ll wc:8 €;7, df 5N z {tNs v rffif, fr'7 )-------/r7-5;6'j'u Fj x 'L=-^J s.V n*{acx +Fa N /1)-+a /r zW od 6K...
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This note was uploaded on 12/27/2011 for the course CHEM 281 taught by Professor Williams during the Fall '11 term at Simon Fraser.

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