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IMG_NEW_0011_001 - (direction by ln 1815 Jean Baptiste Biot...

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CHIRALITY A chiral object has a non-superimposible mirror image (your hands!) Molecules that have non-superimposible mirror images are chiral - and termed enantiomers Properties of enantiomers: Same melting point, boiling point, solubility etc ...... BUT they interact with plane polarized light in different ways! What is plane polarized light? . Recall that regular light is composed of waves oscillating in perpendicular to the direction of propagation. . When these oscillating waves are restricted to a single plane filtration the light is referred to as plane polarized all directions
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Unformatted text preview: (direction) by ln 1815 Jean Baptiste Biot discovered that some naturally occurring organic molecules rotate this plane of polarization - attributed this to some asymmetry or chirality in the molecule. lf light is rotated clockwise = dextrorotatory (d) or (+). lf light is rotated counterclockwise = levorotatory (/) or (-). We will see that the direction that light is rotated has nothing to do with R or S nomenclature! P*|*rizafflcn nf klght Waves F*!a rizer fl ?*,&affi;tcr 2, {bbnffiw*malll tVer"Lif all hn*irlent Fe*m V*&l'*a31,'g $emlarised L6ghr Wxve i*...
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