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ldentifying enantiomers as R or S using the Cahn-!n gold-!relog system (Clp) 1. Assign priorities to all four groups attached to carbon. pRlORlTy lS ASIGNED BASED SOLELY ON ATOMIC NUMBERII!!!!I t 2. Orient molecule with lowest priority group (4) directed into page. For the above example need to flip molecule (note the this is not the same ai creating a mirror image we have simply ftipped the molecule - the molecule has not changed!) lowest priority group is directed into page!!!! 3. Draw a circle from 1 to 2 to 3. lf direction of circle is clockwise assign as R (rectus = Latin for right) enantiomer. lf direction of circle is counterclLckwise assign as S (sinister = Latin for left). ln this example we have the S-enantiomer!!
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Unformatted text preview: 4' Name the molecule (the carbon number where chiral center is located configuration R or s appear in brackets before the name of molecule). ln case 1-bromo.1-propanol becomes: (19:j-bromo-1-propanol 5' lf there are two carbons attached to a stereocenter and these two carbons have different groups attached to them (e.g. methyl versus ethyl) consider what the groups are that are attached to these carbons then prioritize. )H Hsc lL)Pt cHz in this case CH2CH3 beats CH3 since the carbon of-cH. attachment in methyl is attachei to 3 hydrogens wnile I the carbon of attachment in ethyl is attached to ' 2 hydrogens and one CH3 (therefore CH3 beats Hl) and this J...
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