IMG_NEW_0014_001 - ,1 J?TH-J-i-iS,i t h rY",1" H'l l" H H-c-H_l t I'10)t n-tl HH la l^-iS.t tl:ti< ^r 1-InJhe following structures

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1' Please draw the Lewis structures for the forlowing compounds (identif, atoms that are charged)' For B, c, N, and o indicate whether thesJatomJ;r.;;r)';;';;';:"" "' CHEM 2S1 Tutorial Problem Set No. I BH: COz cH3cooH cH3cocH; co CH3CHO CH:OHZ* NH3CH2COO 4P"\,zorA X/% 3. Indicate the hybridization of B, c, N or o in each of the folrowing structures: BCNO 2. Draw stick structures for the following compounds: n ( cHrcll2cHzcooH ,au.-\ -'-Lti l c-{ t:L-''I 'oH ,, -i!r (cH3IccH2oH cH:cHzcHCHCH;cH3 NHrcHrcftrdcn cu{n,
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Unformatted text preview: \,\,1 J ?TH ,-J-, ,*, ,-i:: ,-iS, ,i' t{ h rY' " ,1- " H 'l' l"{ H H-c-H _l_ -[ t' I '10)t n'-tl' HH la l^ ,-iS, ,-.t:, tl' :ti < ^r 1--InJhe following structures, wrri"n-5-g bonds *ilJu. shortest, which will be strongest? whv? HH \ ll H. H-c-c-H .^-^/H {' I l\ ../"-r'\ H-c-Q-H H Hi H i u .,.1 5. Please classigu *. ,i[.,",ng bonds urTJn-ootur, or polar ,;i, a bond with AE.N. <0.6 is relatively non-polar) C-C C-N C-O N-H O-H t1 Y1 {' r r, o o.! "i,!J o tr E C-H P Aeil 0.V5...
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