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Unformatted text preview: rl4hlW"4 'f'cUt+'-rt h,$,kt4t' I nrfi'|" l.-*,{ f,rr{:"df *} (W m*g, lp,vlg| CHEM 281 i Tutorial Problem Set No. 2 ,I t^1't'" L"h.* t[.p,'r - lreri,"* t juTun -t =S c 7" '}"f d *.' "1.,"{?. pri,,-+- l ' Describe the process of oil refining. Which hydrocarbons are contained in which fractions and how are these separated? 2. Canyou explain the fbllowing boiling point helium nu I " i'u.rd;''"t; I neon -186.C krypton xenon -152.C -108"C -62C g-l}.i,. ^ t t -( t)t-:|\avti Sinr$l-1 [- r|L'SL 3. Please provide an IUPAC name for the following: * r3bLrtJ t, r-ffiniirt.{bi1.4L a)r t!,1,,Tt".r^a"ttt",,; -i-<+ht'-t-? ), ),1, 4,';, ? - he,^aw I j -246"C argon Lotto.;l.-lo i. ri,jrY t' -269.C radon i ill | ,. trend? UlL* .& f 12,*v ty[rltro^t t c"*+ e* lrd e f o,n t y#*Trl t-5 1,4'['/ i **xt+*i" - f nr e"t*'.f ,*t*k) /,, sh {-r r -+tl'1 Lf,f,JL ) * - 3-( r-tnrt\1lr il,ri 5< q- ) witt -, J'$rlhji ?r:*: ,-, "'-iI't-) J. ,1 .\,1r,,,^\ /\// - b. -'d. ./\/\ \t / 2-bromo-3-ethyl-4-methylpentar\e -'.\,-.4\ r'\-+., :lne I 5-(l-( l-methylpropyl)buryl)decane 'r\ ) '/ 5. Please draw and name (using IUPAC nomenclature) the 7 isomers of CzHre 6. Draw the Newman projection for the most stable conformers of the followi compounds (look down the bond indicated) r) -^-A t\ a) c3_c4 l_l *l tV-rscVlXt' udlf\at',rttt h ',f,r\r,l hey*a^x hywe ^-.-r/l-rn*k! t-rd';m*tglp*wu ...
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This note was uploaded on 12/27/2011 for the course CHEM 282 taught by Professor Nabylmerbouh during the Fall '10 term at Simon Fraser.

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