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g .HEM 2g2'TuToRrAL #2 EAs,Friedet.CraftsAcylation;SubstituenteffectsonEAS LewisacidslikeAlClsareabletollslactachlorineion.fromchloroalkanestoform highty reactive caroocations. These a;;i;;ilpniteswnicn can react with benzene in an erectropn'ic aroi"alic substitution;f"ri"oitii,iel-cnfts alkylation' writethe reaction of 1-chtoroprop"n"'*Ttn'nrdi"to tort ii'tl'lLtitopn'" (remember stability of carbocations). rnen i;;th; r..n"nitt toiteaction of this cation with benzene' r h e F ri ede r- c raf ts Acvr ati o n re acti o n av:ld:yi T,?Ill'l*';fi l:?iil: illlllsl ",., t1 ni,:lfff,l;:':$rl:]iTlli;'#9.,i;;i;.a muripre arkvrations or the rins Exprain'H
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Unformatted text preview: in detail, tne mecna'n'.il;;iih, Fr6dei:crafts ncytaiionreiction. Exprain nTr: qr-' produce te "arooSoli'"#,il;ii;';;rb;;ion oo"r NOr rearranse and wh :'polyacYlations" occur' ri^^ramnr I '.9.^9'. Explain the enersy diasram or I " :R r(?)) i ,4 rrffiis"*iitffu,5*Tl /pA^ ,Q^ nvl,lml'lt";:o"n'*::' Hl^ l+ \^ __ | #*;+t3;q"'n'+r p/ f Q-eft ;;;;sy s"in upon formation of I in" b%ir.t t' 6"r'"-*;rt*ttY 4 ' Reaction cmrdinale 4 Give the major product(s) formed when each of the fotowing compounds is subiected l$/ to ring nitration: ""lt' lormeq wrrtit': "-;-'i-cn6too"n"zoic acid rha+q :l i..,,il:'obenzocacid 3 g*:$n"^fn8:?':-31i3T;f \ q-...
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