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CHEM282 ,-M-z-w^J -tflA/n)) $t^ h 1q 1 t O Tutorial #1 CHEM 282 Surrey - TUTORIAL #L Objective for this Tutorial: BenzEne & derivatives, Aromaticity lcHo OMe Cinnamaldehyde - Vanillin Wr|4rwut3drenaline Salicylaldehyde z-w+'(nb"Mt'$*t,' "'dNHz """4]l-,q,u-* f)f,la Aspirin Amphetamine Mescaline (analgesic) (oowerful stimulant) {hallucinooen) @ \lfip structuralformulas for each of the following: ^) Y ;Sh"#;;;zoic acid (how else could you call tfiis compotrnd?) fdn , b) 3,5-Dinitrophenol c).3-Phenylcyclohexanol
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Unformatted text preview: c) fl Of?Cnfo.anisole (how else could you callthis compound?) ' h e)(pNitroaniline (how else could you callthis compound?) \zb O Based on Huckel's Rule, decide which of the following compounds are aromatic and iA-q fff,t x*l.lT'**'o / #'i.ryfrHft. Pg-1- -pl"fta,vttt Naphtalene V lo [10]Annulene x 1,6_Methanr{W;^" @ Dr. Uwe Kreis, sFU C,"r-lut^ Vlg) cHo d"'o-tgdry-wtl'W *,[email protected] (rromcinnamon; (rrom'Tfunil'frfirhnffib"a,t-X:"_*'"*u [14]Annulgne vsv f 10""'f...
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