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-rlfu"Xrt{/trlt^l -iri"nw fitlt cr Chem 281 1. Please arrange the explain your answer. OH p.N- fr ry,Y ":4",ry_\ ?-, H"C- -OH Tutorial Problem Set. No. 7 following acids in order of most acidic to least acidic and 3 0 o o nAo* @ o ,rJO,-, o :r1w { one sin,elet at b 2.0 ppm and one singlet at 6 3.2 ppm (ratio 3:l) one singlet at 6 2.0 ppm and one singlet at 6 3.5 ppm (ratio 3:2) one singlet at 6 2.0 ppm and one singlet at 6 9.0 ppm (ratio 3:1) 6,t 4. Please drarv an NMR spectrum for the follorving molecules and predict key stretches in the IR spectrum. If a strong base (pK.1 of conjugate acid
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Unformatted text preview: >40) was added to each of these, ri,'hich proton woufd be abstracted? ,T0 Note. iJ'tht"*HU"r",i)rTr,Jrlsfor a proton (or set oJ equivatent protons) refer , Ir%r^4k, tu it/them as a multiplet. +,v,y191 -> 1 & W^ ) ,/".rk, * +ndra )z = tflt"ff)) --t (3 fipo,) wL*/Vh^, -7 2rl ) t'>f P" ev'r'Jfftr) o"Pt -> )4ii'> >-tf,f r>"lpFw) ol,t l,V+ *> yH -) l-+p''t L 1:l Ptun ) l"*ltupV+ -) fU ) I4-Fm tt-kyfm) o{*l'at -> 6H -> I->,fph^ L r -V ff*) u f A a) b) c) @,o e @ ah U @ @ @ @ tb.A w 3<...
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