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CHEM282 Chem28l Review sheet g #)^.':::,:::^:*:i:* 4'b !' objective for this Tutorial: Review some Chem281 material [email protected], diasterdomerq, or are constitirtional isomers. Provide iFffiatic FIRST compound of each pair. cl cl and -\-\ b) Ho_ or"nJo,,,,O,,,,o* )d,o^iluJ relationship: name: relationship: name: II c) -""and - -l--;.- retationsnip:
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Unformatted text preview: d) )3''*"1r"""'eJ-relationsnip: 4,YA4*\WlltfJ name: @ For each of the following reactions provide the product and name it, identify the mechanism, and suggest what happens to the reaction speed if the concentration of , if the concentration of alcoholate is doubled. + KOMe € cl + KOMe OK +l-"\ a) N,tl cl-\ f'ol,ils 1f c) ,ilOottnbx M @ Dr. Uwe Kreis, SFU Ps-1...
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