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mechanism(s): ^,01 v' O NaoH - B) \'/ cEz) rCI^ d',*'#; CHEM282 Chem281 Review sheet O Please give the product(s) of the following reactions and identify the reaction @oH-g c) I :+ $-VtEt) HI [-ro l;- az---'.^.roF1 (Sil2) Deduce the identity of the compound from the data provided. Formula: CroHr+O: lR: 3200-3500cm-1 lbroad), 3050 cm-', 2950 cm-t, 1610 cm-l tH NMR: 1.Oppm (s, 6H), 2.0ppm (s, 3H), 2.8ppm (broad s, 1H),
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Unformatted text preview: 7.3ppm (d, 2H), 7.6ppm (d, 2H) Draw the following molecules: v 4 5* O-Na* I (5ntz) ffi ./\ D) @ a) (2 R,3 R1-3-ethyl-5-methyl-2-hexanol b) tran s- 1 -ch I o ro-3-ethoxy-cylcoh exane c) 4-ethyl-3,3-dimethyl-hexanoic acid d\ (3 R, 4 S)-4- hyd roxy-3-m ethylcyclo h exan - 1 -o n e \. toH h tu @ Dr. Uwe Kreis, SFU Pg-2-...
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